Business center
  • Назва об'єкту:Business center
  • Категорія: Public buildings
  • Розташування:Lviv
  • Рік:2020
  • Розмір:6 083 square meters
  • Замовник:
  • Команда: Ihor Gladun, Oksana Melnyk
Статус Concept
Рік 2020
Категорія Public buildings
Про проект

The silhouette of the building is unusual, but it is as еrgonomic as possible. The aesthetics of the architectural solution of the business center influences the formation of the future environment of Rzhegorzha Street in Lviv. The main task was to create a high-quality, functional environment for demanding IT companies. Thus, the city got a large IT center, which offers all the conditions for the comfortable development of small and medium-sized businesses.

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