Corporate campus
  • Name: Corporate campus
  • Category:Public buildings
  • Location:Lviv
  • Year:2020
  • Size:7 580 square meters
  • Customer:
  • Team:Ihor Gladun, Roman Yuzefyk, Yurii Mozil, Oksana Melnyk
Status Project
Year 2020
Category Public buildings
About the project

The building is located in the historic area of ​​Lviv.

The main task of the team was to create an environment for innovators and progressive youth. Corporate campus opens a new  page in the development of our team. Harmonic combination of building with landscape dictated the conditions for creating space for people.

The complex has two functions: a business center and a campus(coliving and apartments). A  cafe was designed on the roof of the campus with access to the outdoor terrace. The main purpose of the business center is to develop start-ups, give lectures, hold large-scale conferences, business meetings and co-working. There is a renovation of the sports grounds and the use of stairs to the residential part of the campus as platforms for watching.

In the core of the building is designed a winter garden, which provides a microclimate indoors. At the same time, the solar panels on the roof of the office unit will produce electricity to illuminate the building, territory and protect the complex from overheating. The project provides a heat pump system with a source of “energy” piles. Rainwater harvesting system is designed for using it in technical needs, including for watering plants on green terraces, campus sports areas and recreation areas for the citizens. . Air recuperation system is provided. The projected complex is energy independent.

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