Building № 18
  • Name:Building № 18
  • Category:Apartament
  • Location:Lviv, Shevchenka St. 60
  • Year:2020
  • Size:8 130,45 square meters
  • Customer:Intergal-Bud
  • Team:Ihor Gladun, Yurii Hasiuk, Maksym Ovcharuk, Roman Yuzefyk, Oksana Melnyk, Bohdan Vasevych, Maksym Kushynov, Oleksandr Ratushniak
Status Project+ on going
Year 2020
Category Apartament
About the project

During designing  this project, it was not an easy task to enter a new building in the existing environment of the Zolota street and newly  residential complex “Semytsvit”, built on the basis of a concept from the company “Archimatika”. Due to the complex terrain of the projected building, we did not consider it to “Semytsvit”, as it has an impact on the panorama of Lviv.

To do this, we tried to fit the building into the Zolota street and surrounding buildings with the visual division of the building in 4 volumes.

The color of the building are light colors for minimizing the impact on the architectural environment of Lviv. The colored inclusions are made at the level of the surrounding medium-storey building, which does not visually break the contour of perception of Zolota street. Light color from the Shevchenka street allows to focus on building within the previous concept.

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