Apartments complex "Well Home"
  • Name:Apartments complex "Well Home"
  • Category:Apartments
  • Location:Lviv, st. Shchyretska
  • Year:2021
  • Size:27036,88 m2
  • Customer:Well Bud
  • Team:Maksym Ovcharuk, Yurii Hasyuk, Maria Kobyrynka, Nazar Duda, Bohdan Vasevych, Yuriy Fedoryk
Status Project
Year 2021
Category Apartments
About the project

The Well Home residential complex is located in the Zaliznychnyi district of Lviv on the street Shchyretskyi 8a.
The complex includes 365 apartments and 130 parking spaces in the underground parking.
The location is convenient in the context of the surrounding infrastructure. There are also existing kindergartens and secondary schools within walking distance.
From each section of the residential complex, there is a possibility of direct access to the inner courtyard through the entrance.

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